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Health Benefits of Green Tea Supplements in Combination With Natural Anti-Aging Supplements

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard about the many exciting health benefits that can green tea supplements can provide, but what is it about this substance that makes it so good for you? The most beneficial characteristic of a green tea supplement has to do with its antioxidant properties. Exactly how good these [...] Read more

Confused About the Differences Between Black Tea Vs. Green Tea?

On the surface, the differences between black tea vs green tea may seem numerous – and indeed they are! However, there are countless similarities between the two as well. Let’s learn a bit about what these similarities and differences are and just how they can help start you on the path to a healthier, more [...] Read more

Who Else Wants To Lose Weight By Drinking Green Tea?

Have you been seeking help in your attempts to lose weight? Is green tea for weight loss something you have wondered about? Green tea offers some different options when it comes to weight loss. It can improve anybody’s health because it contains many helpful properties as well. Green tea leaves are processed by steaming or [...] Read more

What You Should Know Before Buying Any Green Tea Product

Nature seems to have a cure for everything if you can find it with the health benefits of green tea, only just being understood; the antioxidant properties of green tea are renown but there is still much to learn about this unusual herb. Although it is available in many forms, the use of green tea [...] Read more

Are Green Tea Pills a Scam?

A number of ‘wonder’ herbs are being used these days with green tea one of the most interesting; although primarily known for the benefits it provides as an antioxidant, it has many other positive health properties. As a liquid extract, green tea pill supplements can be drunk like regular tea but however you take it, [...] Read more
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Green Tea To Lose Weight

Green tea to lose weight? Doesn’t that sound like some kind of odd or fad diet – like the grapefruit diet, the blood diet or the cabbage soup diet? The fact is, the green tea diet is not a fad diet. People have been drinking green tea to control their weight for many years. For [...] Read more
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What Is Green Tea?

You would think that the definition would be self-explanatory – it’s tea that’s green. But that doesn’t really cover it. All true teas – as distinct from herbal and flower infusions, which tea lovers call tisanes – are made from the leaves of a magnolia-related evergreen tree with the botanical name of Camellia Read more

Switch from Coffee to Green Tea

I love green tea, when it comes to the subject I’m not objective. I start just about every day with a pot of Gunpowder green tea. Not everyday, some days I have a few cups of Genmaicha, Jasmine or Kukicha Twig Tea. I have lived in New Orleans and Seattle, in both cities coffee is [...] Read more

How The Simple Practice Of Drinking Green Tea May Possible Aid In Cancer Prevention

Cancer along with heart disease is probably one of the worst diseases today but new research in alternative medicine approaches are beginning to indicate that natural methods of treating some of these maladies may work better than previously believed. One of the substances that is being tested is Green Tea which has been touted for [...] Read more

Green Tea and Hoodia – Better Than Hoodia Alone?

One of the most popular combinations in diet pills these days is green tea and Hoodia. This combination is used in many fat-burning pills, liquids and even patches to help speed up metabolism and weight loss. What’s the big deal? Is green tea with Hoodia better than Hoodia alone? Is it a magical combination for [...] Read more
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