Coffee Drinks or Tea: Is one better than the other?

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Each has its own qualities which have earned them loyal fans, and each has a long and colorful history, and I am sure this is a choice which you’ve probably been asked to make thousands of times in your life.

Whether you’re visiting friends, dining at a restaurant or while on a flight, you’ve been asked whether you’d rather have coffee or tea.

In some cultures, the two beverages are considered to be of roughly equal status, though in others, there is a decided preference for one or the other.

There are strong opinions on both sides, with some people preferring tea for its health benefits, though coffee is definitely more popular in the workplace.

First, there are the benefits of tea: the beverage has been consumed for millennia since its discovery in China and recent research has shown that it is not only a delicious beverage which can help stave off fatigue, but that it has a variety of benefits for human health. In most of the world, it remains more popular than coffee. Tea, of course, could contain caffeine or be de-caffinated and also comes in varies forms such as green tea or chai. Some rarer white teas are also very expensive but tea generally is much easier to prepare than coffee.

Then there is coffee; it provides a quick lift which allows people to be more alert and battle fatigue due to its relatively high caffeine content. There are those who opt for decaffeinated coffee, which provides the antioxidants without the ‘jitteriness’ which caffeine can cause. Coffee is far more popular than tea in North America, especially since the time of the Boston Tea party and the banning of tea imports by Britain in the 18th century, but has many fans all over the world: originally the middle east and the Netherlands: Learn more about all things coffee at

Which do you prefer? It’s entirely a personal choice and though both beverages are incredibly popular, all that matters is which you like better, which taste you prefer or what you consider to go best with the foods you choose to eat.

Tea might have more regular drinkers around the world, but coffee inspires loyalty which is every bit as fierce. Both have exiting recipes that can be tried at home, saving you money and travel time, and some great ones can be found at

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