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The Global Tea Brand

Unilever is one of the major corporations around the world that markets some of the most popular and in-demand products across the world, may it be food, beverages, cleansing products, as well as beauty and personal care products. One of its most popular product today, with an annual sales of €1 billion Euros, is Lipton. [...] Read more
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Is There Caffeine In Wu Yi Tea?

Today coffee and tea are two of the main beverages many drink for an energy boost from caffeine. Not too long ago it was believed that caffeine could cause atherosclerosis and coronary disease now it doesn’t face as much scrutiny. Caffeine is something most enjoy and many consumers ingest it daily. Caffeine is a naturally [...] Read more

What is White Tea?

Everything about white tea is different from the traditional black and green teas including how the tea is prepared for use. Regular teas are steeped in boiled water for a particular length of time designed to make the tea as strong or weak as the personal preference of the tea drinker. This pale tea is [...] Read more

Tea – Not Only Perks You Up, But Benefits Your Health Too

For many who are not aware about the importance of tea, can get to know it a little better. Tea has been around for more than 5,000 years and hopefully would be around for another 5,000 years. There are four basic types of tea black, green, oolong and the most uncommon and rare breed is [...] Read more

Is Chocolate That Healthy?

It is great news that research has found a food that lowers blood pressure and is healthy for the heart and maybe more. The problem is that the chocolate Americans consume most is not the kind that was studied. The more popular kinds of chocolate have little or no positive effect on your health. Only [...] Read more

Natural Factors Citrus Bioflavanoids May Be Your Eyes’ Health Partner

Before talking about the benefits of bio-flavonoids, let’s first go through a short overview of where they come from. Bioflavonoids, which are also known as flavonoids are a sort of plant pigment which are responsible for producing red, yellow, and blue pigmentation in flowers. These are also found in high quantities in certain herbs, Read more

Iced Tea and Its Benefits for Us

Iced tea has been around for a long time now. Not only does it refreshes us but is also associated with several health benefits. No doubt, being one of the healthiest beverages around, it is synonymous with healthy tea. Whether you are feeling hot or it’s cold outside, this beverage never fails to convince us. [...] Read more
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Cup of Herbal Tea Make You Healthier

In ancient times, people are use to drink herbal tea rather than this normal tea as this tea has huge benefits. This herbal beverage is completely different from other beverages. It contains dried fruits, flowers or herbs, which is well known as tisane. Using hot water, one can release herbal beverage’s medicinal properties through the [...] Read more

The ABC’s Of Organic Iced Tea

What would the world be without its favorite beverage? Tea. Five thousand years ago in China, the first pot of tea was brewed and there has been no turning back since then. Today, this beverage is the closest to our hearts and most of us cannot do without it. Organic iced tea has become quite [...] Read more

Major Health Benefits Of Drinking Iced Tea On A Regular Basis

Iced tea, one of the most popular drinks in the US has started becoming popular in other countries as well. According to a recent survey done by health experts, around 2.2 billion gallons of tea are consumed in the US every year, out of which about 85 percent is drank chilled. So, what are the [...] Read more
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